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If you are at the point where you want to move ahead with getting a new garage door installed right away, the next step for you is to get a good outline of your project.

We can help you get an accurate estimate of the costs involved and help you to get exactly what you need to get the project done.

The Concept and Process

There are many different materials you can bring into help the professionals at Environmental Door give you exactly the items you need to complete your garage door. You may have already used are Design Centre, which allows you to make a model of your door on your computer. This can be of great assistance, but there are other things we can use, as well.

Photographs can provide excellent information about your home as well as what options might work for you. Swatches that match your exterior color, the color of your windows and the color of your front door are also hugely helpful in finding the right garage door options. The plans for your garage can help to determine whether you could install a garage door opener, or other hardware.

Showroom Advantages

We have a very well stocked showroom in Grand Rapids, and coming down to visit provides you with some significant advantages. The most important is simply being able to see the products you will need in person, which gives you an opportunity to examine their texture, color and other qualities. You can also get a better idea of how much insulation you want, whether or not you need a very heavy‑duty door and whether or not you want windows in your door.

We will also help you to answer some very basic questions about your home. It’s important to know what architectural style your home follows, so the door can be selected to match. Your neighbourhood may have some restrictions or may simply be so heavily populated by houses of a particular architectural style that you may want to follow your neighbourhood conventions, as well. We will also need to determine whether or not your garage as heated and, if it’s not, if you want to heat it or if that is not a concern. There are many different options for Windows available at our showroom, as well, and seeing those in person gives you a much better idea of how much light they let through, which will be vital if you do want natural light in your garage. You can also get a look at products like LiftMasterTM garage door openers and others that you might want to add.

More Help

In addition to a no obligation estimate, we can provide you with information that will make it easier for you to get your job done. We can give you brochures and plenty of other information about products. We can also provide you with color swatches, which make it a lot easier to ensure that you can coordinate the look of everything that goes along with your garage door.

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